Shambhala Metaverse, Building a Metaverse Industry Ecosystem


Recently, Metaverse has become a hot word of "circle breaking" across science and technology, finance and society. It reshapes the world by changing the digital ecology, reconstructing the social and production relations, improving the lifestyle, developing the digital economy, etc., and then becomes one of the important forms of the future society. After the Metaverse was put forward, it spread rapidly in the whole world, the whole industrial-chain and the whole industry at an exponential speed, and quickly penetrated into various economic and social industries, becoming a new navigation mark leading the rapid development of digital economy. According to the latest data from McKinsey, $120 billion has been invested in Metaverse in 2022.

Shambhala, which means "Shambala" in Chinese and "शम्भल Śambhala" in Sanskrit, means Magic Kingdom, aiming at welcoming a new era and leading to bliss. Under the tide of Metaverse, Shambhala Metaverse seized the "hot" of Metaverse, explored and developed a new scene and model of Metaverse with super-cutting edge, high-tech sense and strong experience, and built a safe, credible, lightweight and sustainable Metaverse ecosystem with blockchain network, artificial intelligence technology and encryption computing power.


It is reported that Shambhala Metaverse real estate will be fully launched soon, and has contacted traditional large real estate companies in Europe, North America, Latin America and Southeast Asia. At the same time, many European and American funds and investment companies are deeply involved in Shambhala Metaverse system, including Carlyle Group, Oaktree Capital Management of the United States, St. James's Place PLC, Schroders PLC of the United Kingdom and other leading institutions, all of which focus on traditional real estate + Metaverse, minerals + Metaverse, entertainment + Metaverse and other sectors for comprehensive strategic cooperation.

As the next generation Internet, Metaverse represents the integration development trend of virtual space and real world, and it is bound to have more novel and unexpected business models. Moreover, the improvement of the availability of Metaverse's back-end engine, edge computing that powers the virtual world, the emergence of 5G, devices that integrate physical and virtual worlds and the development of advanced software will bring comprehensive assistance to the interaction between virtual world and real world.


Shambhala Metaverse, a platform designed for the integration of existing technology and diversified lifestyles, emphasizes ecological integrity and subjective initiative of users, and has six characteristics: continuity, real-time, compatibility, economic attributes, connectivity and creativity. It can be said that Shambhala Metaverse is not only a game, social interaction and entertainment, but also brings more opportunities. It has become the empowerment of science and technology to social production, the innovation of life style, and the efficient and circulating platform and ecology for various industries to cooperate together, thus improving social production efficiency and creativity.

Metaverse will be the next scientific and technological revolution, and the leaders will actively lay out related industries and derivative businesses in Metaverse, or make related investments. Among them, NVIDIA is actively deploying the Metaverse rendering platform and striving to become the basic builder of Metaverse; Unity is actively deploying Metaverse cloud computing; Shambhala Metaverse is actively building an industrial ecosystem in Metaverse, based on Metaverse real estate, Metaverse minerals, chain tour, chain entertainment and other industries, expanding more commercial ecological fields and realizing immersive explosion.

शम्भल Śambhala, Metaverse ecosystem, will lead to the business field of encrypted mysterious ecology. Shambhala Metaverse, aiming at the technical value, application value and community value in Metaverse, is gestating a new trillion-level ecological blueprint and triggering a new round of reshuffle of the global science and technology industry.